07.12.13 Winsor & Newton comment on Iain Andrews 'Interpreting Old Masters with Acrylics'

Iain Andrews, ‘Interpreting Old Masters with Acrylics’

‘My paintings begin as a dialogue with an image from art history – a painting by an Old Master that may then be rearranged or used as a starting point from which to playfully but reverently deviate.’ Iain Andrews

Iain Andrews is a professional painter who has enjoyed recent success with a nomination for the Northern Art Prize 2013 and winning the Marmite Painting Prize in 2011. In the ten years since leaving art school, Iain has gathered accolades, featured in the art press and exhibits frequently. With a style that is original and instantly recognisable, Iain Andrews’ paintings are steeped in art history, tradition and mythology. Traditionally an oil painter, Andrews now chooses Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic as his medium and this change has given a new perspective to his work and to his painting practice.

Iain’s art studies began with a BA in Fine Art followed by an MA in Painting at Aberystwyth School of Art, University College of Wales. He went on to complete Post Graduate Diploma in Art Psychotherapy at Sheffield University. After achieving success as a winner or finalist in various UK art prizes Andrews was also selected by Saatchi as one of 12 emerging artists featured in BBC 2’s ‘School of Saatchi’ series in 2010.

Iain’s paintings are not based on direct observation of the outside world but rather on pre-existing paintings and texts, an example would be The temptation of St Anthony (after Flaubert). Iain recognises there is a potential problem of the painting becoming diluted or too far removed from its source. Iain’s themes are also based on Faery Tales with narratives of transformation, oral greed, deprivation and Eucatastrophe….”

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