05.03.08 'Walls Have Ears', Exhibition of the week, Spoonfed

An art gallery actually trying to make its visitors engage intelligently? It’ll never catch on… If you too are sick of the overwhelming amount of facts, numbers and dates crammed into the big London galleries or the swathes of sub-Deleuzean Vyner Street clap trap, then you could do worse than check out ‘Walls Have Ears’ at Man&Eve gallery.

Citing Foucault’s analysis in ‘The Order of Things’ demonstrating the arbitrary basis of all systems of classification, Man&Eve presents an exhibition that throws together a diverse selection of works selected only on the principle that they are beautiful, individually and together.

Conceptually the aims are possibly flawed: the pre-Enlightenment age made as many arbitrary classificatory systems as the modern one. They were just different. And beauty is just as problematic a basis for judgement as anything else. Even the desire to be arbitrary and random is itself based on something considered.

But, whatever. Just go to this exhibition. Celebrate its difference and have a think. London needs more of this.

Full details about the fair can be found at www.spoonfed.co.uk