29.07.10 Saatchi Online review by Paul Carey-Kent of 'The Borrowed Loop'

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Man & Eve have moved to project-friendly new premises halfway between Vauxhall and Kennington tube stations. This neatly-conceived show considers the freestyle ‘DJ mix’ use of appropriation from pre-modern art. The highlight is one of London-based Israeli photographer Ori Gersht’s set of three short films which provide violent but beautiful re-imaginings of classical still life paintings: shot fruit, exploding flowers, and this dead pheasant from Chardin falling at one minute per realtime second into a dark pool of water. At first the bird hanging with grapes (real ones, but cunningly lit to look like painted grapes) looks like an image of a painting. But it ‘comes to life’ once cut free, falling with matching slowed-down liquid sounds and hyper-detailed splashes, and we see that the feathers dislodged are real. It’s riveting – and funny: a poke, surely, at Bill Viola, whose application of similar techniques to diving and rising people makes a melodramatic meal out of what is already implied by a vanitas still life.

Ori Gersht, 'Falling Bird'

Ori Gersht, ‘Falling Bird’, Untitled No. 05, 2008, LVT Print of Aluminium, 42.5 × 32.5 cm, Edition 1/6