27.06.13 Paul Carey Kent reviews 'On the (im)possibility of a pure praise poem'

Aliki Braine, ‘Surface No.2’, 2013, photograph, 80 × 50cm

“This isn’t an easy sell: complex work with an unfashionably religious aspect titled from the uncompromisingly intellectual poet Geoffrey Hill. All the more reason to point out that Man & Eve’s spacious new location is well worth a visit for this lovingly curated conjunction of typewriter paeans by Benedictine monk dsh (Dom Sylvester Houédard, 1924-92), votive video appropriations by fellow-priest Mark Dean, poised sculptural enjambments by Anna Sikorska and Aliki Braine’s rigorously pure form of praise for the photograph as object, made from negatives in which she’s punched holes to personalised multi-moon effect. Good for the soul, even if – like me – you haven’t got one…”

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