07.12.13 Fetish Form review Wieland Payer's solo exhibition at Man&Eve

Wieland Payer, ‘What’s he Building out there?’

“I stumbled into Man&Eve on an unassuming day a couple months ago when passing through Lower Marsh, near Waterloo. The street itself is going through a state of transition and starting to find a new identity. I was therefore very encouraged when I spotted this art space, as it helps to strengthen the area’s bend towards being a new destination for contemporary art.
The Gallery space is wonderful, as was the work on show by German artist Wieland Payer in his solo exhibition “What’s He Building Out There.” And upon doing further research, I was chuffed to discover that it was in fact the inaugural exhibition by Lucy Newman Cleeve in the new location.
Payer’s work is largely pastel and charcoal paintings and drawings representing distant and ethereal landscapes with peculiar characters and architectural features. According to Man&Eve, these strange objects and buildings “seem to have been plucked from some future era — but which may equally be derelict altars to modernism, projected into post-apocalyptic landscapes.”
There is a romantic, realist and natural element to the work as well as fantasy and surrealism, which yields an interesting and satisfying tension. I particularly like the highly detailed architectural and design qualities of the work…”

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