02.10.07 Esther Teichmann, 'Silently Mirrored', Dazed & Confused

Esther Teichmann’s photography is an exploration of the human body; its intimacies, grotesqueness, and infinite beauty mutually encompassed in every frame. Strikingly composed, the photos of her human subjects dominate their subtle surroundings, drawing the viewer’s attention to the intricacies of every intricate detail. at the same time, a feeling of loneliness oozes from the absence of movement and stark isolation of the captured body.

The 27-year-old Royal College of Art graduate’s debut solo exhibition is entitled Silently Mirrored , it explores the relationship between the self and the intimate other.

Emotions of closeness and aversion are simultaneously evoked though images of lone maternal figures, segmented limbs suspended in darkness, and the subtle distortions of skin though water.

Silently Mirrored is at Man&Eve Gallery, London SE11