26.09.09 Esther Teichmann and Henrietta Simson, 'Exhibitionist: The best art shows to see this week', Guardian Online, Skye Sherwin

Esther Teichmann’s photography addresses reflection in both senses. In thi vein, her 2007 show Silently Mirrored offered a thrilling double bind: the artist’s mother, father and husband were posed with eyes closed or backs turned, while flesh was shown in such intense detail as to become corporal topography rather than personal revelation. Lulled into Believing, a collaborative show with artist Henrietta Simson at London’s Man & Eve gallery, sees her developing this sense of longing in lushly fantastical new directions. She paints on her photos with explosions of preternatural colour; a cast of family members enact a theatre of myth: mum and dad float in a little boat, like travellers on the river Styx, while lone figures hang their heads within wild woods.

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