21.09.09 Dazed & Confused, 'Inner Landscapes', Esther Teichmann and Henrietta Simson by Mimi Haddon

Dazed&Confused 'Lulled into Believing' preview

Dream-like scenes and twilight worlds emerge in works by Esther Teichmann and Henrietta Simson, who both merge photography and painting to question ways of presenting reality. Their joint show at Man&Eve unites two artists whose work intersects not only on the grounds of a return to aesthetics, but also in approach to narrative and myth.

London-based Simson removes all traces of narrative from landscapes found in newspapers, present-day and war photographs, whether stripping forgotten corners of early Renaissance paintings or projecting scratched photographs on to new life-size surfaces (so large that we’re invited to step in for ourselves). “For this show, I’ve photocopied a picture of a eucalyptus forest,” she says. “The copy has an optical strangeness, it’s like you’re being drawn in.”

German artist Esther Teichmann photographs lovers and family, then paints on the prints with artificial colour to blur fiction and biography. Her most recent work “draws on art history and explores Orientalist painting and the desire to exoticise the unknown.”

Where Simson removes objects from spaces, Teichmann relocates physical bodies, and her film of stormy Florida trees behind Grunewald skies will be displayed in the darkened hallways of Man&Eve’s creaky Kennington-town-house-cum-exhibition-space. Quite apt for this paranormal artistic union which ends on Halloween.