31.07.08 Anticipation, 'Saatchi after Saatchi', The Times - Saturday Magazine, 2008

Anticipation Highlights

Esther Teichmann has captured a moving series of photographs of her mother, particulary one of her hand: “It’s the loving look at an aging hand – the hand she held as a child,” says Kay Saatchi.

Our first meeting for this piece was in Selfridges’ “ art gallery” Ultralounge, at Anticipation – an exhibition of work by some of the most outstanding London art school graduates, co-curated by Kay Saatchi and Catriona Warren. This is a most exciting venture, where a shortlist of 21 blossoming artists show their work and receive 100 per cent of the proceeds of their sales. The public benefits from the visiting the major London art colleges and liaising with the tutors to find young artists who combine talent with the commitment and creative heft to produce distinctive work for the long haul.

Saatchi had already seen the Conrad Shawcross sculptures in that space, as well as Sam Taylor-Wood’s banner elsewhere in and urban art. Nonetheless, she admits to having some initial concerns about whether a department store, however stylish, was an appropriate context for the students’ work.

“But people know how hard it is to put on these shows – even the Tate sometimes has problems getting sponsors – and it all depends on how serious the show is when it gets hung,” Kay says. “I said that we needed to run it more like a museum than a commercial art gallery so you can look at the paintings and read what’s written about them on the wall. The artists also need to be there to talk to people and get them to engage because these kids aren’t used to talking about their art that much.

… This Anticipation show, following the success of last year’s, is less about the shock of the new and more about a mining and refining of traditional ideas – there’s an emphasis on painting foe instance, and photographs that recall the Grand Masters- married to what could be described as a sort of mind-screw.

An extract from ‘Saatchi after Saatchi’ by Ginny Dougary
The Times – Saturday Magazine