02.12.07 'Be long a part' by Helga Steppan at Man&Eve Gallery, 'Grafik Magazine', December 2007

The simple genius of Helga Steppan’s exhibition at Man&Eve gallery this year was a eureka moment. The photographer’s colour series – her possessions arranged by hue – gave us a whole new perspective on tidying-up, not to mention being an artful and rather beautiful exploration of ideas about collectorship and the beauty of ordinariness. Also on show was an installation made entirely of transparent objects – all possessions lent by Helga’s friends and acquaintances. Here they became anonymous elements of a united whole but also emblems of individual, untold stories about a network of relationships. We also tip our hats to Matilda Saxow, responsible for Man&Eve ‘s excellent identity and ephemera this year. For Helga’s exhibition it’s next stop New York and Matilda is sallying forth as an independent London designer. Bonne chance, ladies.