02.08.07 Helga Steppan 'Be long a part', Creative Review, SEEN Reviews, Pick of the Month, August 2007

Photographer Helga Steppan’s new exhibition, Be long a part, is currently on show at Man&Eve gallery in London. Alongside installation and moving image work, Steppan is showing a series of fantastic images of her personal belongings that she grouped by colour. It may sound a rather mundane artistic challenge but when assembled together the results are rather captivating. In addition to seeking out all things red, yellow and pink (shown) she also scoured the cupboards and shelves of her home for things that were blue, grey, white or black. Steppan regularly works to pre-defined parameters, photographing the results, and in this ordering of her possessions she plays with the meanings we bestow on objects (we are what we own) and how they shift when, for instance, they’re arranged solely by their particular hue. Similarly, for the piece Belongings Apart, Steppan invited her friends to lend her something transparent. The objects are then presented as a large sculptural installation, shown together with photographs of the different locations where they previously belonged and a written piece by each owner. Again, a clever comment on the notions of meaning and attachment and how these concepts become invisible when objects are removed from their context.

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