12.02.13 'Raindrops - British conceptual artist Alistair McClymont manipulates the elements with his display at Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum' By David Menconi, News Observer

“Everything We Are Capable of Seeing,” on display at CAM through April 28, is as much a science fair as a conceptual art installation. It’s McClymont’s first show in America, and it shows off the 35-year-old artist’s quirkily scientific ways.

“His work is not common,” said CAM executive director Elysia Borowy-Reeder. “It’s very in tune with nature in an urban kind of way, and also with math from his background in engineering. I have a particular affinity for art that’s not just one discipline, and I like the way he problem-solves. He built a tornado machine that’s a work of art, and it produces drawings which are also art.”

“McClymont suggests new ways of experiencing art—Alistair McClymont makes night-time rainbows, suspends raindrops in mid-air and creates tornadoes with deceptively simple machines. A UK based artist working in sculpture, photography and video, McClymont describes these as ‘phenomena’ artworks, in which he tries to capture natural, often overlooked occurrences and evoke a sense of wonder. CAM Raleigh is proud to make his United States debut. Don’t miss the opening night of the exhibition and February First Friday when you can catch his nighttime rainbow which lends its title to the exhibition: Everything we are capable of seeing.”

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