02.09.08 Sarah Bridgland featured in new Black Dog publication 'Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art'

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‘Collage: Assembling Contemporary Art’ is a striking and authoritative survey of the history of collage, from its origins through to the work being produced by artists today.

First gaining popularity in the early 1900s, with such pieces as Picasso’s The Dream in 1908 and Still Life with Chair Caning in 1912, collage has proliferated though the ages. From figures such as Kurt Schwitters, to works by the Constructivists, Dadaists, and Surrealists, to 1960s and 70s Pop Art, the form has branched out into a myriad of fine art practice that encompasses assemblage, montage, and décolage. Collage draws together the work of influential artists to contextualize the art being produced today.

Collage features the art of such internationally acclaimed artists as Picasso, Schwitters and Ernst, Hannah Hoch, Martha Rosler, John Stezaker, Richard Hamilton, Layla Curtis, David Salle, Sarah Bridgland, Javier Rodriguez, Robert Rauschenberg, David Thorpe, Fred Tomaselli and many more.

In addition to using works by these artists to provide a comprehensive overview of this exciting art form, Collage also includes essays written by artist and critic, Sally O’Reilly, artist Ian Monroe, and an interview between critic and writer, David Lillington, and artist, John Stezaker, outlining the history of the medium and critically addressing how collage is being used throughout contemporary art today.

A beautifully designed, extensively illustrated collection of works and writings, Collage is an essential for artists, designers and anyone with a practical interest in modern art.