14.01.10 Sam Messenger in 'If You Could Collaborate' at A Foundation Gallery, Rochelle School, 15 — 24 January 2010

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‘If You Could Collaborate’ is the fourth annual ‘If You Could’ exhibition. Aiming to provide a platform for the finest creatives from all over the world to question their conventional working methods and outcomes. The contributors have been challenged to produce something a little unexpected, by working with a partner of their choosing from any discipline, profession or background. There is no brief to answer, or format to honour – the only limit being the enterprise and imagination of the artists involved, and a liberal 12 month deadline.

The exhibition will feature the artwork produced by all 33 pairings at the A Foundation Gallery, Rochelle School in London. Alongside the exhibition is an accompanying catalogue, comprehensively charting the process each individual project shown at the show over 312 pages.

Participating artists include Sam Messenger who, for this exhibition, has collaborated with carpenter Bart Long.

Private view 14 January, 6.30–9pm
RSVP to rsvp@ifyoucould.co.uk

15 — 23 January 2010, 12–6pm
(open late on 21 January, 12–9pm)
A Foundation Gallery at Rochelle School, London E2 7ES.