14.11.09 Michael Whittle in 'Workshop of Hereafter', curated by Andrea Gregson at Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, 25th Nov — 18th Dec 09

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Workshop of Hereafter
curated by Andrea Gregson

Silke Dettmers, Matt Frank, Stewart Gough, Andrea Gregson, Karen Henderson, Rosie Leventon,
Becky Shaw, Paul Vivian, Michael Whittle

”the world consists of a multitude of projects, realized ones, half-realized ones, and not realized at all. Everything that we see around us, in the world surrounding us, everything that we discover in the past, that which possibly could comprise the future – all of this is a limitless world of projects.” Ilya and Emil Kabakov’s description of their work the ’Palace of Projects’.

‘Workshop of Hereafter’ showcases nine artists whose practices involve the re-invention of meaning and function of objects, systems of work and spaces. Utilising drawing, sculpture and socially engaged practice, the works become potential projects growing out of the ruins of the current economic collapse. As banks, construction, manufacturing, art market and business decline, recession catapults us into a state of flux. The works become projects that deviate from profit and targets and are like small flickers of resistance. They evolve from this moment of chaos and could be both an antidote and irritant. The show places work within the narrative of a ’workshop’, as a place in which experiments can be made and where utopian ideas can be realised, igniting our re-invention. In this context, the works themselves are in different stages of formation and include abandoned proposals and prototypes made potent now with their content, raw half formed experiments with enormous potential, to more resolved ideas. True to the notion of the workshop as a narrative, Fine Art and Science students have been invited to make models and diagrams with the curator,these individual pieces are presented as a sprawling multiple artwork. The playful use of scale challenges the viewers perception, lingering as they do between actuality and fantasy, and touching upon new ideas to redefine the material world in this time.

Blyth Gallery
Level 5, Sherfield Building,
Imperial College,
South Kensington Campus,
Exhibition Road, SW7 2AZ
Open: Mon – Sun 9am-9pm

Private View Tuesday
24th November 6-8.30pm

Show open 25th Nov – 18th Dec 09