11.06.10 Michael Whittle in 'Flatland — A Romance of many directions' at APT Gallery, Deptford, London

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3rd – 27th June
Open weekly Thursday to Sunday 12:00 – 6:00

Adrian Firth, Bob Matthews, Alistair McClymont, Isambard Poulson, Bae Sangsun, Michael Whittle

The artists in this show work with imagery and ideas that are at once highly familiar but at the same time strangely distant. Spanning disciplines and working on different logical levels, Flatland shines some light onto the chasms between the conceptual and the real, the imaginary and the tangible, the image and the portrayed. These shifts can appear to be subtle but on closer inspection are some of the most seismic of all. Flatland is about accepting these gaps and allowing our imagination to flow beyond them.

Throughout history great discovery has often been from those who attempt to broaden their horizons beyond the realms of current empirical knowledge, often embracing the seemingly outrageous; the earth traveling around the sun would be an example of a radical shift in thought. The work in Flatland is a celebratory nod towards this pioneering spirit.

*The term Flatland was coined by Edwin Abbot; a book of this name was written with the intention of highlighting the challenges of the human mind conceiving of a fourth dimension. In it we are taken to a two-dimensional world analogous to our own whose inhabitants begin to encounter the third dimension. Through their process of mental transformation, we can begin to imagine our own.

APT Gallery
Harold Wharf, 6 Creekside
Deptford, London SE8 4SA

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