27.06.13 Larissa Nowicki in 'Remix: Selections from the ICC' at the Katonah Museum of Art

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Remix: Selections from the ICC at the Katonah Museum of Art
Katonah, New York

Exhibition opens Sunday 30th June 2013
1pm tour with exhibition curators Pavel Zoubok and Rachael Lawe.

Exhibition runs 30th June – 13th October 2013

Larissa Nowicki will be exhibiting in the next edition of the national touring exhibition Remix at the Katonah Museum of Art opening June 30th. Remix presents the work of over 100 artists drawn from the ICC’s permanent lending and research collection alongside further loans from prominent artists.

Remix weaves the narrative of collage through the history of modern and contemporary art. Coined in the early 20th century from the French word coller, meaning to glue or stick, the term collage originally described a revolutionary method of art-making. Over time its definition has expanded to represent an approach to and perception of the modern world. The 100 artists featured in the exhibition utilize collage’s core conceptual traits—heterogeneity, fragmentation and appropriation—to address with clarity and immediacy the circumstances of their times. Remix explores the impact of collage on artistic and cultural expression and gathers together the diverse fragments of a rich artistic tradition.

You can see Larissa’s submission along with hundreds of other artists also in the show on the International College Centre website.