11.02.13 James Brooks - 'Reporter' solo show at Platform-A Gallery

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James Brooks

A solo show at Platform-A Gallery, Middlesbrough
1st March — 11th April 2013

REPORTER – is a solo exhibition by James Brooks, which explores the manipulation of communication methods of public information, via an appropriation of Modernist aesthetics and methodologies. The exhibition utilises media varying from: drawing, printing, audiovisual projection, along with sculptural manipulations. The work addresses the notion of an artist as a ‘roving reporter’- searching out pertinent information and site-specific material for interventions in relation to system-based art strategies.

Initially the exhibition explores various regions coastal data, commencing at Saltburn, Cleveland, reporting from Hawaii, USA, through to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The series of pieces titled- Surf Reports (The shortest day) manipulate into paper based sculptural forms, accurate statistical tidal/ swell information from specific day’s sea reports. The piece is an attempt to make sense of the sea and natural forces at work during a day’s analysis. It could be said that each of the specific surf beach’s size and rhythms are in some ways complemented by the audio/ sound piece – Spray Repeats (Fibonacci) reinforcing this natural rhythmic energy, yet, is instead generated by a domestic room air freshener spray via simple mathematics, to realise its tempo and rhythm. This World view from regional beginnings, is expanded further in the printed piece – Global Editions #12 which consists of the front pages of the International Herald Tribune newspaper (The International edition of the New York Times) with all of the visceral imagery removed and replaced with saturated black geometric shapes, appropriating in some ways the puritanical, utopian aesthetic of early abstract art.

Artist talk, 18th March, 6.30 — 9pm, open to Contemporary Art Society North East Members.
Email rebecca@contemporaryartsociety.org
to book a place.

For more information visit platformagallery