17.10.13 Iain Andrews participating in 'PROJECT 04: Tip of the Iceberg: Art from Up North' at Contemporary Art Society, London

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In 2009, the Contemporary Art Society launched a pioneering membership programme for individuals across the North of England, to bring the rich diversity of artistic talent residing in the region to the attention of new audiences and potential collectors. Over the last 4 years, Contemporary Art Society North has organised studio visits and exhibition tours with over 60 artists, many of whom came from elsewhere and made the North their home.

Tip of the Iceberg: Art from Up North presents work by a selection of these artists, to inspire more people to venture to the North East, North West and Yorkshire. Includes work by Iain Andrews , Eric Bainbridge, Catherine Bertola, Pavel B├╝chler, Rachael Clewlow, Graham Dolphin, Leo Fitzmaurice, Susie Green, Matthew Houlding, Nick Kennedy, Laura Lancaster, Paul Merrick, Anne Vibeke Mou, Michael Mulvihill, Emily Speed, Matt Stokes and Rafal Topolewski.

Curated by Mark Doyle and Rebecca Morrill, Contemporary Art Society North.

Exhibition runs:
4th October 2013 – 4th January 2014

For more information visit the Contemporary Art Society website.