24.07.12 Iain Andrews nominated for Northern Art Prize 2013

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Iain Andrews’ has been nominated for the Northern Art Prize 2013.

The longlist of artists for the 2013 Northern Art Prize, chosen by nominators from across the north of England, plus – new this year – three nominators from national organisations, has been announced.

Pippa Hale, Founder and Director of the Northern Art Prize commented:

“This year we are delighted to welcome three nominators from outside the North of England. We recognise that many of the artists in the region operate on a national, and often international level, so it seemed appropriate to reflect this at the nominations stage. The artists however still have to be based in the North of England and I’m delighted to see so many new names of the long list this year. Once again there’s a real diversity of media, career trajectories and of course ages – it’s great to see a wide range of artists from those in their 20s to 70s working with sound, paint, sculpture and digital technology. It clearly demonstrates one of the unique things about the Northern Art Prize in that it isn’t restricted by media or age.”

The 2013 Northern Art Prize exhibition will open to the public at Leeds Art Gallery on 28 March running through until 16 June 2013 with the winner announced on 23rd May 2013.

The selectors who will whittle down the long listed artists to a shortlist of four are: Turner Prize-winning painter Tomma Abts; Director of South London Gallery Margot Heller; Co-Editor of contemporary arts magazine ‘Frieze’, Jennifer Higgie and Co-Director of Artangel James Lingwood, all under the stewardship of Sarah Brown, chair of the judging panel and Curator of Exhibitions at Leeds Art Gallery.