31.10.08 Henrietta Simson,'Lost Narratives' at The Slade Research Centre, November 2008

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Henrietta Simson, documentation from 'Lost Narratives' at the Slade Research Centre, 2008

17th – 21st November 2008

Woburn Square Studios
The Slade Research Centre
Woburn Square

(off Gower Street. Euston Square / Russell Square tube)

‘Lost Narratives’ is the presentation of research Henrietta Simson has carried out over the past year, funded by the Clare Winsten Memorial Award. The research involved visiting key sites in Italy that contain early Renaissance works in order to examine their potential to inform a 21st century practice. This experience was instrumental in developing Simson’s ideas surrounding the development of spatial construction within the Western visual tradition.

The works documented are 13th and 14th Century frescos and altarpieces that demonstrate an intriguing construction of space within the picture plane: dual and contradictory spatial arrangements occur through the fusing of medieval sensibilities with an experimental use of perspective.

Over the course of the week, Simson will study these spatial arrangements through the projection of panoramic images constructed from photographs of whole chapels and fresco cycles taken from the original sites in Italy. This process will also involve the examination of the relationship between the original site, the photograph and the projection of the photograph within the research site.

The week will culminate in a day of discussions and viewings on 21st November. Visitors are also welcome throughout the week to view work in progress.

For more information or to arrange a visit, contact
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