18.06.10 Henrietta Simson shortlisted for John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, 2010

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Henrietta Simson has been shortlisted for John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, 2010 for her painting ‘Giotto’s Template’.

First held in 1957, the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize is the UK’s best-known painting competition and is named after Sir John Moores (1896 – 1993), the founder of the prize. The competition culminates in an exhibition held at the Walker Art Gallery every two years, which forms a key strand of the Liverpool Biennial.

The John Moores exhibition is held in partnership with the John Moores Liverpool Exhibition Trust, and although the appearance of each exhibition changes, the principles remain constant: to support artists and to bring to Liverpool the best contemporary painting from across the UK.

In 2010 a first prize of £25,000 will be awarded along with four further prizes, each of £2500. In addition, the winner of the popular visitors’ choice prize of £2010, will be announced towards the close of the JM2010 exhibition.

The exhibition for JM2010 will run from 18 September 2010 – 3 January 2011 at the Walker Art Gallery.