05.01.09 Henrietta Simson in 'the voice and nothing more' at the Slade Research Centre

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New work by Henrietta Simson is included in ‘the voice and nothing more’ at the Slade Research Centre.

Curated by Sam Belinfante and Neil Luck
Slade Research Centre
12 – 16 January 2009

the voice and nothing more (vanm) is a week-long festival exploring the voice as both medium and subject matter in contemporary arts practices. Both established and emerging artists will work with leading vocal performers and composers in an exploration of the voice outside language.

vanm is symptomatic of a growing interest in the voice across arts practices and will give leading practitioners the opportunity to work with some of the most important singers and vocal ensembles in the UK today. Importantly, vanm is the product of a desire to encourage conversations between the contemporary arts communities, conversations that will elucidate art’s complicated relationship with the voice as well as generate new processes and strategies for engaging with it. Instead of merely placing musicians and artists in one space, vanm facilitates an ongoing discourse in and around the voice with the production of new ambitious, collaborative, artworks as well as the formation of new working practices.

Artists and performers come together to generate exciting new collaborative works.
Invited performers include Mikhail Karikis, Lore Lixembourg and Juice, as well as a specially formed large-scale vocal ensemble.

Performers, working with the artists and resident composer Claudia Molitor, will create new score-objects culminating in a series of new performances. Artists Martin Creed, Simon Faithfull, Dryden Goodwin, Bruce Mclean and Cornelia Parker along with emerging artists Athanasios Argianas, Amy Cunningham, Nick Laessing, Phoebe Unwin and Sarah Kate Wilson are just some of the 50+ artists taking part.

To help launch the festival leading artist and educator Simon Morris will lecture on the voice ~

Wednesday 14 January from 12pm

The festival will culminate with a presentation of groundbreaking objects/installations/performances, open to the public ~

Thursday 15 and Friday 16 January from 6pm where performances will start from 7pm

Slade Research Centre
University College London
10 – 11 Woburn Square


For all press enquiries please contact Sarah Wilson at info@sarahkatewilson.com