22.07.09 Henrietta Simson in 'spaces/places/senses/places/senses/spaces' at The Visual Arts Centre, Portsmouth, Virginia

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‘Simson&Volley’ is a partnership between the artists Henrietta Simson and Jo Volley. Mel Gooding has described Simson&Volley’s collaboration as “a lovely dual-imagination at work between media, scales and dimensions, intellectually clear and uncluttered. A meeting of good and vibrant minds, not afraid of beauty as fact or idea”.

Simson and Volley are both graduates of the Slade School of Fine Art. Jo Volley has exhibited widely and her work is represented in a number museums and collections. She has been senior lecturer at the Slade for over 22 years.

This new work by Simson&Volley imports the light, sounds and imagery of Portsmouth, UK to Portsmouth, Virginia. It explores the overlaps and associations between memory and place and alludes to the poetic possibilities contained within the sea, stemming from a desire to integrate the idea with the ideal, a landscape in which inner and outer vision are reconciled. The work deals with haptic perception; the nature of the object and image embedded within the fabric of its entwined histories. Materials range from the traditional to the contemporary: from the ethereal projected gilded image to a reconstruction and interpretation of Debussy’s ‘La Mer’ through a computer sound file.

Exhibition held in gallery of:
Visual Arts Centre,
Tidewater Community College
340 High Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704-3707
Dates: September 19 through November 5, 2009