18.06.10 Henrietta Simson in 'Shelf', Whitstable Satellite, Whitstable Biennale, 2010

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Saturday June 19th and Sunday June 20th
Venue: Rear of 5 Harbour Street (entrance in Sea Street)Whitstable CT5 1RG

Originally, the exhibition took place in London March, 2010, with over 50 international artists participating. Each artist had been asked to create a work which deals with, rests on, engages with, speaks about, or actually is, a shelf. For the Whitstable Biennale, the organizers of Shelf have expanded it to include the work from various artists in the Whitstable area. The end result will be a new installation where all the artworks will be forced into very tight confines, creating one large conglomerate work with a variety of microcosms within.

Participating artists include Henrietta Simson.

The 2010 Whitstable Biennale Satellite Programmes is a showcase of artists from Whitstable and all over the UK. Over seventy-five projects and events will take place during the 2010 Biennale The works encompass a broad range of artistic practices – from a parade of people making birdcalls to an exhibition in a caravan that changes daily; from a disorientating audio tour of Whitstable which guides you by the sounds of Marrakech, to the return of the ‘guerilla knitters’.

The Whitstable Biennale is a festival of contemporary visual art exploring performance and artists’ moving image. The Whistable Biennale 2010 is the fifth festival, dates are Saturday 19 June to Sunday 4 July. This year’s Satellite Programme has been curated by Kate Phillimore, made possible through a grant from CD:EK, Curatorial Development East Kent.