12.05.10 Henrietta Simson in 'Cities Methodologies 2010', Slade Research Centre, UCL, London

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Henrietta Simson will be participating in ‘Cities Methodologies 2010’ at the Slade Research Centre, UCL, London in collaboration with Jo Volley.

‘Cities Methodologies 2010’ presents recent innovations in urban methods from current researchers at UCL. Through the juxtaposition of installations, films, maps, models, objects, performances, photographs, poems, talks, texts, walks, websites and workshops, visitors will encounter a diverse array of cities and urban conditions – from literature in London, to flyovers in Mumbai, from movement and spatial organisation in Jeddah, to fear in New York City, and housing in Lisbon seen through cinema. The exhibition and events programme promise a unique experience for urban practitioners, researchers, and others interested in contemporary cities. They will provide insights into emerging and experimental methods in the urban field, looking right across the full spectrum of disciplines in which the city is predominant, including distinctive perspectives and interdisciplinary collaborations from the built environment, the arts and humanities and the social and historical sciences.

Click here for further information and full list of participants.

Opening hours
5th May, 6.30pm, exhibition launch.
Exhibition and events continue: 6th May, 10am-8pm.
7th May, 10am to 6pm.

For general enquiries please email Urban Laboratory Administrator and PhD Candidate, Füsun Türetken, fusun.turetken.09@ucl.ac.uk with ‘Cities Methodologies’ in the subject heading.