15.10.13 Opening of new commissioned work for The Town Hall in Motala by Helga Steppan at Motala Culture Night 2013

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Opening ceremony of the commissioned work of art for the Town Hall in Motala, created by Helga Steppan.

The artist invited all the people of the town to lend her personal objects that reminded them of water and the site of the municipality. The different objects show traces of the place, its people and history, where the objects act as nodes for different personal stories. At the same time, Helga herself collected artifacts from the local museums. With all the given objects, Helga Steppan created an installation, which forms an imaginary landscape of Motala, the lake town of Östergötland County. With a photograph she has immortalised the scene for the town hall.

Ceremony to be held on Saturday 26th October, 11:00 – 13:30 with activities continuing throughout into the evening.

For more information visit the Motala Culture Night 2013 website.