15.10.13 Helga Steppan in group exhibition 'Shop Show' at the Form / Design Centre, Sweden.

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Helga Steppan will be showing new work as part of the group exhibition ‘Shop Show’ at the Form / Design Centre, Malmö, Sweden.

‘Shop Show’ is a Nordic touring exhibition on consumption, production and the fact that someone always pays the price. New sustainable lifestyles are needed, which does not deplete on the earth’s resources. That does not contribute to climate change. That does not increase inequality in the world – where high wage countries in the West generates the most damage, while billions of people in emerging economies such as China, Brazil and Bangladesh both pay the bill and is working hard to live like us.

Ingrid Sommar and Susanne Helgeson’s book Köp dig Fri! (Buy yourself free) is the starting point for this exhibition, a book about design, survival and consumption, published by Arena 2012.

Exhibition runs:
18th October 2013 – 26th January 2014

There is an accompanying exhibition catalogue available through the Form / Design Centre.
Please visit their website for further information.