07.07.08 Helga Steppan in 'Consume Peckham' as part of 'I love Peckham' Summer Festival

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Helga Steppan 'Mirroculous'

Helga Steppan has been selected to participate in ‘Consume Peckham’. Her work can be seen at Ace Hair and Beauty 103-113 Rye Lane from 14th – 20th July 2008.

‘Consume Peckham’ is a coordinated arts programme of exhibitions, installations and events in a range of unusual venues in Peckham town centre and is part of the ‘I Love Peckham’ summer festival. Venues include Peckham Multiplex, Peckham Rye train station, and many other shops, pubs and local businesses.

‘Consume Peckham’ has invited artists to take on mini residencies and explore the area and the community in relation to their own practice. Consume Peckham provides a space for everyone – one and all – to engage in a diverse range of creative outcomes by taking art out of gallery spaces and putting it into the local environment.

Exploring the shop window as a view between reality and the imagination, Steppan invites the audience to explore ideas of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. Using the shop window to question concepts of beauty through object, imagery and interaction, exploring the mirroring of identity and consumption.

‘Consume Peckham’ is curated by Kieron Dennis. Selected artists include Neil Drabble, Charlie Fox, Phil Biffin, Francis Thorburn, Gina Geoghegan, Mark Tovell, Matthew Stone, Daniel Lehan, Harold Offeh, JohnFrumPress, Michelle Ollivier, Consume Music, Dido Hallett, Patrick Ward, Jo Dennis, Ruth Beale, Kieron Dennis and Helga Steppan.