30.05.08 Esther Teichmann nominated for Sovereign European Art Prize

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Gallery artist Esther Teichmann has been nominated for the Sovereign European Art Prize by Brett Rogers, director of the Photographers Gallery.

The shortlisted artists will be announced in August 2008 and works will be exhibited in October 2008.

For more information, visit www.sovereignartfoundation.com.

How can photography express feelings of intimacy and loss, closeness and distance, presence and absence? By drawing on subjects who are emotionally close to her Esther Teichmann explores transitional emotional and physical states – immersion in water, on the edge of sleep – that are easily overlooked in more documentary modes of photography. Vulnerability, emotional withdrawal and loss all play a part in her investigation of the world of intimacy. Often composed to capture a time of reverie or momentary disengagement from the world , Teichmann’s portraits often show body fragments or faces turned away from the camera.

Reminiscent of the American photographer, Harry Callahan’s thirty year engagement photographing his wife Eleanor and their daughter, here the photographer turns the lens on her relationship with her husband, mother and father. Whereas Callahan chose to work in monochrome, Teichmann exploits particularities of lighting and colour to enhance the intimacy with her subjects – the texture of their clothes and skin. Having used the real physical landscape to connect her subjects to their surroundings, more recent work concentrates on constructed landscape or interiors, allowing a more direct confrontation with the intimate body. By narrowing her focus, she succeeds in uncovering layers of sensation and emotional experience which otherwise lay hidden.

Brett Rogers