22.07.10 Esther Teichmann in 'Regarding Painting', Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin

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Thursday July 1 to Saturday July 24, 2010
Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Chancery Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland

Diana Copperwhite, Sarah Dwyer, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh Paul Nugent, Axel Sanson, Esther Teichmann

These painters have different ways of seeing. When considering this exhibition, these are Artists who continue what Artists do, creating the understanding of who painters are by the very process of what they do.

Esther Teichmann draws on the history of the work of art against the backdrop of the emerging photograph – using a large format bellows camera, her work is classical and yet because of her use of this method now, the works seem subversive, nostalgic and fantasy driven – the hand tinted nature of the colours Teichmann uses and the allegorical nature of her images makes the painterliness of her work touching, the use of collage infusing the work with fragility and movement, with long exposure giving an apparent chance to intervene – the inclusion of this work in the painter’s corner for this exhibition shows time honoured respect for the framed space, with incalculable distance and connectivity between planes of activity.

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'Regarding Painting', Kevin Kavanagh Gallery

Installation view ‘Regarding Painting’. Image courtesy Kevin Kavanagh Gallery.