30.06.08 Eames Demetrios at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Kymaerica.com LLC is pleased to announce a one man show called ‘Discover Kymaerica’ performing at Sweet Upstairs at the Edinburgh College of Art in the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Kymaerica is a parallel universe that seems to co-exist with our linear world and shares aspects of its geography.

Geographer-at-Large, Eames Demetrios, has been trying to understand this world better for several years. As a result of his investigations, he has been able to install a series of plaques and restored historic sites that honor events, places, people and other organisms from the alternative world in our linear world. It is a global work of 3 dimensional storytelling.

Demetrios has described it as being like “writing a novel and putting each page in a different place.” With this show, he pulls back the curtain on a few mysteries of Kymaerica and connects some of the dots. The story pulls together many threads, including the Lichen poetry of what we would call central Spain, a samurai blown off course to what is now linear California, the arid underwater desert off the coast of what we call Namibia, and young lovers who met not far from Edinburgh’s own Vennel.

Lavishly illustrated with beautiful imagery, his performance reorients the audience in unexpected (and fun) ways. Los Angeles’ Downtown News called it “Alternative world, sci-fi and utopian professorship; a road-trip/acid-trip aesthetic.”

Demetrios is a writer/filmmaker/artist based in Los Angeles, California making his first appearance at the Fringe.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Venue 186 Sweet ECA (Edinburgh College of Art)

July 31- August 17 (no show August 11)
2 pm

Tickets £7.50 (£6.50 concession)

Box Office: 0870 241 0136

Press: Jarrod-John DuPlooy (jarrod@sweet-uk.net)