06.05.08 Ben Long - Stag Scaffolding Sculpture at the Elephant & Castle - Extended throughout August

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‘Stag’ is the fourth incarnation in Ben Long’s continually evolving series of Scaffolding Sculptures and is located temporarily at the dormant Oakmayne building site on Elephant Rd, SE17 1LB. The sculpture stands at a height of 35ft and is constructed entirely from conventional scaffolding components.

Scaffolding Sculptures is part of the ongoing ‘Great Travelling Art Exhibition’ which also includes drawings made in the dirt that gathers on the rear shutters of haulage trucks. To create the ‘Truck Drawings’ Ben Long draws using his fingers, a process that offers him an immediacy of mark-making not available when using a pencil or a brush.

He says: “It is my intention to create artworks that engage with people who might otherwise have little or no involvement in the visual arts. I want to extend the boundaries of where art can be seen and how it can make people feel. With this project, my ambition has been to make an iconic artwork which functions as a surprising and integral part of people’s daily lives…

Scaffolding is a simple, yet versatile system, similar in some ways to Lego or Mechano, but obviously on a much larger, architectural scale. When I started the project in 2004 I acquired a modest ‘kit’, which has since gone on to form the basis of each subsequent sculpture. When the Stag is eventually dismantled the parts will be transported to a new venue and another permutation will be attempted from those parts. This constant evolution of sculpture ensures that many people get to see my work first-hand, the artworks remain integral to the building environment and I continue to improve my skills as a Scaffolding Sculptor.”

‘Stag’ will remain at the heart of the regeneration zone for a period of several months after which the sculpture will be dismantled and the components transported to a new location where the fifth Scaffolding Sculpture will be hosted.

Ben Long will be hosting series of guided tours of the site, giving the public a chance to learn about the sculpture. These will take place on:
Saturday 17th May, 11am
Saturday 31st May, 11am
Saturday 7th June, 11am
Saturday 14th June, 11am
Saturday 21st June, 11am

Guests are encouraged to book in advance by contacting Man&Eve gallery 0207 582 7861 / info@manandeve.co.uk

A private view (with drinks, brass-band and venison roast) will be held at the site on 15th May 2008, 6-9pm.