05.05.10 Ben Long in 'Heart of Glass' at 20 Hoxton Square Projects

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‘Heart of Glass’ – 20 Hoxton Square Projects, London, N1 6NT

May 14th – May 27th

‘Heart of Glass’, curated by Flora Fairbairn and Paul Hitchman, is the central exhibition of the art strand of ‘Concrete and Glass’. Participating artists include Ben Long

The works in ‘Heart of Glass’ have been selected via open-submission in conjunction with 20 Hoxton Square Projects, murmurART, Adam Waymouth and the Contemporary Art Society.

‘Concrete and Glass’ is a unique music and art event that showcases innovative talent in both music and contemporary art. This year sees a new and exciting assortment of up-and-coming artists and musicians, including works created especially for ‘Concrete and Glass’, and with a strong emphasis on performance.

Opening times: From 14th May, Tuesday – Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturdays 12 to 6pm