03.08.12 Alistair McClymont in 'Blue Skies Festival' at Dundee Contemporary Arts

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Blue Skies Festival of kite flying, stargazing and rainbow chasing.
10th to 12th August 2012, curated by Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Alistair McClymont will be showing two works as part of the Blue Skies Festival in Dundee. ‘Rainbow’ will appear each evening in different locations across the city. ‘Raindrop’ will be shown on Saturday 11th August in the Italian Pavilion in Baxter Park. Find out more on the links to Dundee Blue Skies or the DCA website.

Blue Skies Festival
Dundee Contemporary Arts

‘Rainbow’ is a night time rainbow created using a large curtain of fine water mist and a high power film light. It will appear as temporary outdoor installations in different locations across Dundee. On Friday 10th August at the Olympia Pool, Saturday 11th August near University of Dundee, Old Medical School and Sunday 12th August on Balgay Park Bridge near the Mills Observatory.

‘Raindrop’ is a machine that suspends a single drop of water in mid air. This will be on display from 12:00-16:00 at the Italian Pavilion in Baxter park, Dundee.