11.10.07 Ben Long in 'Drawn Apart East', a group show by Day+Gluckman Curatorial Partnership

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‘Drawn Apart West Part I’ present the work of eight contemporary artists who use drawing as an integral but not exclusive element of their practice. Gallery artist Ben Long is included in this selection, alongside Kate Davis, Lucy Day, Leo Fitzmaurice, Kate Hawkins, Ed Pien, Terry Smith and Chloe Steele. Part II of the show will offer the opportunity to see a selected group of contemporary works alongside old masters drawings currently in the Day & Faber collection, including works by François Boucher, Paolo Farinato, Workshop of Albrecht Dürer and Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

‘Drawn Apart’ provides a platform to consider the relationships between drawings by old masters and that of contemporary artists. Part I takes place in the East End of London, at Contemporary Art Projects, whilst Part II is being hosted by Day & Faber, an old master drawings gallery that has for the past thirty six years, exhibited and sold some of the best and most rare examples of work by 15th – 18th Century Italian, Dutch and French masters.

9-20 October 2007

Contemporary Art Projects
Drawn Apart East
20 Rivington St
London EC2A 3DU

Day and Faber
173 New Bond Street
London W1S 4RF