17.03.07 — 08.04.07 ‘Reflections in the Umbrasphere’, Eames Demetrios

‘Reflections in the Umbrasphere’ is the first in-depth UK introduction to Kymaerica – a 3 dimensional storytelling experience that provides a way to see past a world we think is inevitable. It has been put together by geographer-at-large, Eames Demetrios, who is an expert in Kymaerican landscape and history.

Kymaerica is a land (and some waters) somewhat co-existent with our linear world, and a general landscape quite similar to large parts of what we would call North America. Kymaerican influences and stories are everywhere in our linear world and likely vice versa. But there also many wonders in Kymaerica not easily found here. Furthermore, Kymaerica is just one of the continent-like structures that makes up this parallel universe. The lands and waters that form the linear United Kingdom reside on yet another.

In this exhibition, Demetrios introduces a selection of stories from Kymaerica through a temporary visitors’ centre at Man&Eve.

Eames Demetrios will be leading a guided tour of historic Kymaerican-era sites in London on Saturday 17th March. A routemaster bus will leave Man&Eve at 2pm returning to the gallery by 5pm. Tickets cost £15 (£10 concessions) and can be reserved by emailing info@manandeve.co.uk.

For more information about Kymaerica, visit www.kymaerica.com