07.07.07 — 31.08.07 ‘Be long a part’, Helga Steppan

Helga Steppan works using photography in combination with installation, moving-image and elements of performance. Her work is conceptually driven; she sets up clearly defined parameters to work within and then attempts to fulfill the criteria she has imposed, documenting the process and results.

In ‘Belongings Apart’, Steppan invited her friends, family and acquaintances to lend her something they owned which was transparent. The objects are presented at Man&Eve as a large sculptural installation, shown together with photographs of the different locations where they previously belonged and a written piece by each owner. The written texts describe the meanings and associations which the objects hold for their owner. Removed from their original environment and juxtaposed with other objects in a new context they become anonymous and subject to multiple different readings and interpretations.

‘Belongings Apart’ questions the extent to which an object or possession can ever represent its owner or hold particular meaning and invites the audience to discover its own associations in the work. A book documents the process behind this project and collectively shows all the photographs, text and documentation of the installation ‘See Through’. The book also includes an introductory essay entitled ‘Live/Work’ on belongings, longings, being together and being apart by Åsa Ståhl.

Helga Steppan will be giving a talk about her work at Man&Eve on Thursday 12th July. Tickets can be reserved by emailing info@manandeve.co.uk