29.04.08 Man&Eve screening at Brixton Ritzy as part of Picturehouse Artspace series

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As part of the Picturehouse ArtSpace series, Man&Eve presents an evening of films by Sophie Clements, Sophy Rickett and Ellie Rees. Thursday 29th April, 8 – 9pm. Tickets available from the Ritzy box office: http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/

Picturehouse ArtSpace is a new project that aims to bring video art into the cinema. The ArtSpace programme is a series of collaborations with galleries in the UK and abroad that provides a rare opportunity to experience video art on the big screen with full surround sound. ArtSpace turns the cinema environment into a temporary gallery space, creating a new platform for artists working in film and video. Each 60-minute programme is co-curated by ArtSpace and the partner gallery.

All of the work in this selection has been made in response to music, sound and/or performance. Screening highlights include ‘Evensong’, a new film by Jerwood Moving Image award winner, Sophie Clements, and ‘Auditorium’ by Sophy Rickett with sound by Ed Hughes, commissioned by Photoworks and Glyndebourne (Education).