31.08.11 Man&Eve at art:gwangju, 31.08.11 - 04.09.11

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Man&Eve is pleased to be participating in art:gwangju:11, presenting work by Michael Whittle and Wieland Payer.

Booth G27
KDJ Convention Centre in Gwangju, Korea

31st August ­- 4th September 2011
VIP/Press Viewing: 31st August

art:gwangju:11 website

art:gwangju:11 in its second edition promises to be an extraordinary commercial and artistic flowering of local and global galleries and non-profit art institutions. This year’s art:gwangju is the first public cultural project of the newly established Gwangju Cultural Foundation and is supported by Gwangju Metropolitan City Council. The fair provides a new sales platforms and programmes including Museum Outlet, Videolet, Asia New Arrivals and Art & Company.

The fair will take place in Gwangju, renown for its rich democratic heritage and highly acclaimed international biennales. The notion of the ‘glocal’ has been an inspiration for this new cultural event, informing our design and an intriguing programme of performance, dialogue and VIP indulgences. This year’s curated programme “Double Democracy” explores the notion of democracy within new art markets and the roles of technologies and performance in introducing art to new audiences.

This year, art:gwangju will be coinciding with the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale, directed by Ai Weiwei, one of the most significant cultural figures in his generations and Seung H-sang, an internationally acclaimed Korean architect.


Wednesday, 31st August ­ Sunday, 4th September 2011
(VIP/Press Viewing: 31st August)

KDJ Convention Centre in Gwangju, Korea