19.07.12 James Brooks, The Information Exchange, closing performance

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7pm Thusday 19 July
at 3 John Street, London WC1N 2ES

Land Observations


Land Observations is the musical project of artist James Brooks. His debut solo album Roman Roads IV – XI, out on 3 September 2012 on Mute Records

Brooks seeks through this specially conceived Land Observations project to reconcile his art worlds, connecting his conceptual visual art approaches to hypnotic instrumental musical compositions. Land Observations sees Brooks exploring minimalism further via layered, repetitive electric VI string guitar. Each composition responds to the psycho-geography of an individual road. Along with the record’s historical references, there is an obvious fascination with Roman Roads as man-made structures – with their bold lines carving through the landscape, creating an album that’s a reflection on the broader ideas of travel, momentum and progress.

Roman Roads IV – XI will be released on Mute on CD, vinyl and download on 3 September with the packaging featuring a series of original drawings by Brooks. The album was recorded at the Bridge and Tunnel Mobile studio in Berlin.