28.10.12 Alistair McClymont in 'Radical DIY' talk at ArtsCatalyst 30.10.12

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Radical DIY
The Arts Catalyst, 50-54 Cerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5PS
6pm doors and bar open
talks from 6.30-8pm, Tuesday 30 October 2012

Come and meet a group of international artists who make extraordinary and poetic machines: homemade satellites, wooden electronic instruments, and rainbow and tornado generators. Together, their work provides a quirky and compelling critique of the allure and production of technology.

Alistair McClymont makes night-time rainbows, suspends raindrops in mid-air and creates tornadoes with deceptively simple machines. A UK based artist working in sculpture, photography and video, McClymont describes these as ‘phenomena’ artworks, in which he tries to capture natural, often overlooked occurrences and evoke a sense of wonder.

Korean artist Hojun Song has built a fully functioning satellite. His tiny satellite is a DIY engineering masterpiece: he hacked together a solar cell, a lithium-ion battery, an Arduino board, and four powerful LED lights. The cube will transmit Morse code messages that can be seen from back on Earth. He has set up the Open Source Satellite Initiative to ensure others can follow. In 2010, he made the Strongest Weapon in the World – I Love You. If you hit it – with an extremely large mallet – it says “I love you”. It can withstand a nuclear attack.

Other guests to be confirmed….

This is a free event but as we have limited capacity we’d appreciate it if you would book online here.