07.11.06 — 03.12.06 Man&Eve project space, Elefest 2006

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Man&Eve project space


26.11.06. – 03.12.06.

Open daily, 1 – 5 pm

Unit 238 Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre

Closing party, Sunday 3rd December 4 – 6pm

Lucy Newman Cleeve

Over the past 10 years, Newman Cleeve has amassed hundreds of photographs of windows and doorways – usually abstracted to explore the relationship between colour, light and composition. The space they define is ambiguous, leaving the viewer unclear as to whether they are looking outwards or in, but inviting them to imagine what is taking place beyond the frame and curtain.

Kieron Dennis

In this work, Dennis uses the slide show format as a medium to explore narrative connotations of local street signs. His work uses sequences of projected images to reorganise local environments into readable landscapes, whereby meanings are created and disrupted by the relentless machine process. His works take the form of a stream of consciousness that relates street vernacular, memory and semiological systems of an internal world. The combination of these investigations produces new and ambiguous meanings. Indeed, Dennis is keen to explore this gap and encourage the audience to interact with the work, thereby taking the role of a mediator artist.

Stephen Nelson

These video pieces were all shot in and around Los Angeles. They aim to condense the experience of looking at a vista over a period of time. In each piece, the footage has been reconfigured to make parallels with the experience of looking at painting.