29.03.07 Introduction to the Imaginaid Gallery

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Serge Macia introduces his concept for The Imaginaid Gallery in Geneva.

Wednesday 28th March, 7.30pm

To reserve a place, email info@manandeve.co.uk.

Imaginaid is a mission-based art gallery, located in Geneva, whose mission is to exploit the powerful inspirational, visionary and subversive potential of art, to engage people and society towards the establishment of a better world, more fair, more sustainable and more ethical.

Imaginaid wants to encourage and promote through exhibitiions contemporary artworks or any artistic initiatives which are addressing social, ecological and ethical global issues. It exists as an arena for a committed and responsible artistic expression, bringing an original and inspiring look, raising the public awareness and offering where possible concrete solutions to the crucial problems humanity and the planet are facing today.

Imaginaid intends to promote emerging contemporary artists, working in the fields of visual arts, design products and architecture, but is not closed to any kind of mix medias. Besides, in some occasions, it encourages and offers visibility to some more popular art quality initiatives.

It builds up thematical exhibitions, in house or in other places, depending of the needs. It communicates through medias and its own web site, represents the artists at Art Fairs. It sets up round tables debates, inviting artists, experts, politicians, activists, journalists and the audience to discuss together and make a substancial advancements.

Imaginaid operates as a traditional gallery assuring the promotion and representation of the artists, but also as campaigning charity and an active think tank. It plays the role of a platform for ideas, debates, informations and innovations. It communicates on its own initiatives, as well as for the count and needs of other charities involved in those issues and helping them to raise awaress on their campaigns and work.

Imaginaid is a unique experience of an art-gallery whose mission is to serve artists’s interests as well as to work actively through the medium of artistic expression for the progressive transformation of the global society towards a better and sustainable world. Society needs contestation and opposition as well as vision, inspiration and innovation to renew and reform itself. Art can gather all of these and the artist has a big role to play in touching emotions and consciousness, raising awareness, motivate, and activate directly or indirectly a change in our mentalities and behaviours.

Its board is constituted by artists, curators, educators, social marketors and activists. Its main activities are geneva-based, but it intends to create partnerships and joint-projects and -exhibitions with other art galleries worldwide.