Sophie Clements

Sophie Clements is a visual artist based in London. Taking inspiration from ideas in science and experimental music, Clements manipulates time to create highly constructed objects that grow from their surroundings, producing collages that rely on chance interactions and discourse between the concrete ‘real’ and the constructed ‘unreal’. Her recent work explores the use of video as a form of sculpture, using devices including sculptural installation and video projection to deconstruct and re-assemble time and material to question the notion of physical reality in relation to time and memory.

Much of Clements’ work is made in relation to sound and music – the expression of the two languages of sound and visual as a singular voice being a key driving force. Sophie has worked in collaboration with a number of composers or sound artists, as well as various visual artists.

Born in 1978, London, UK
Lives / works in London, UK

2003-2005: MA Communication of Art and Design, Royal College of Art, London, UK
1999-2002: BA Graphic Design: Moving Image, London College of Communication, London, UK
1998-1999: BTEC Foundation Art and Design, London College of Communication, London, UK

Solo Exhibitions
2011: ‘Dimensions Variable’, Man&Eve, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions
2013-15: ‘The Sound of Art’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Olso, Norway
2013: ‘An Unnatural Theatre’, Aid&Abet, Cambridge, UK — ‘The Ghost in the Machine’, Islington Mill, Salford, UK
2012: ‘Artificial Garden’ Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea — ‘Brittle Crazie Glasse’, Islington Mill, Salford, UK — ‘I Wish This Was a Song: Music in Contemporary Art’, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway — ‘Currents12’ Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA — ‘exURBAN Screens: Is There Light in Outer Space?’, Frankstone Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia — ‘Of This Event, I Cannot Foresee the End’, Forman’s Gallery, London, UK
2011: ‘There, After’, London, UK – Groningen, Netherlands — ‘Dimensions Variable’, Raphael Room, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK — ‘Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em’, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2010: ‘Plaza Plus – Artist in Focus’, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2009: ‘Viewing Space’, The Royal College of Art, London, UK
2008: Frank Gehry Summer Pavilion Opening, The Serpentine Gallery, London, UK — ‘Picturehouse Artspace Series’, Ritzy Cinema, London, UK — ‘Special Effects: On the Edge of Reality’, FACT, Liverpool, UK — ‘Popshop: Remixing Popular Culture’, MU Gallery, Eindhoven, Holland — Jerwood Moving Image Awards, Jerwood Space, London, UK — ‘Video London’, Madrid, Spain
2005: ‘Video London’, Barcelona, Spain — Adobe Design Acheivement Awards, The Guggenheim, New York, USA

Selected Installation and Live Performance
2014: ‘Kraftwerk Uncovered: A Future Past’, The Science Museum London, UK
2013: ‘The Sun Cinema Experience’, Madeira Dig festival, Maderia — ‘Handles Suspended’, Cascina Cucagna, Milan, Italy
2011: ‘ON SITE’ The Barbican, London, UK
2010: ‘The Floating Forest’, Paul Hamlyn Hall, The Royal Opera House, London, UK — ‘New Music and Video’, Hamburg NDR, Germany — ‘Untitled/Installation’, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2009: ‘Roam’, Tom Dale Dance Company, Edinburgh, UK — ‘Mbenkafo’/MAP’, Gambia, Africa
2008: ‘Of Air and Ear’, The Royal Opera House, London, UK — ‘Soul in Reverse’, MU gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands — ‘Nancarrow Study No. 6 and 7’, Frank Gehry Pavillion, Serpentine, London, UK
2007-2009: ‘Musikain live’, FACT Liverpool, UK – PUNKT, Norway – Naples, Italy
2006: ‘MAPPing International’, Aldeburgh Festival, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, UK — ‘City on the Roof’, Groningen, Netherlands
2005: ‘Pages No. 3/17’, Media Centrale, Groningen, Netherlands — ‘Edict’ MAP/making project’, LSO St Lukes, London, UK

Artist Commissions
2007: ‘Cyclofonia’, National Youth Orchestra, London, UK — ‘Nancarrow Study No. 6 and 7’, The Barbican, London, UK

Selected Screenings
2010: Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Holland — Acoustic Images, The BFI, London, UK — International Film Festival Breda, Breda, The Netherlands
2009: Acoustic Images, The BFI, London, UK
2008: Picturehouse Artspace Series, curated by Man and Eve gallery, Ritzy Cinema, London, UK — ‘Still Cinema 3: Performance Anxiety’, OpenEye gallery, Liverpool, UK
2007: ‘Bicycle Film Festival’, New York USA, London, UK
2006: Westside film festival, sponsored by the British Council, Malta — Sundance Film Festival (with Adobe), Utah, USA

2010 – present: Artistic Director, ‘MAP/making’ a cross-disciplinary project/collective, London, UK
2007 – present: Associate Lecturer, Graphic Design and Illustration, Central St Martins, London, UK
2008 – present: Visiting lecturer, Guild Hall School of Music/Barbican Creative Learning, London, UK
2006-2010: Tutor and project leader on Music Arts and Performance course, The Royal College of Art, London, UK

2013: ‘How We Fall’, Art:I: Curate (online only)

2013: ‘The Ghost in the Machine’, Islington Mill, Salford, UK

2013: Nominated for the Marler Art Prize, Germany
2008: The Jerwood Moving Image Award, Jerwood Space, London, UK
2005: The Adobe Design Acheivement Award for Time-Based Media, UK