James Brooks

James Brooks’ practice utilises screen and paper-based media sources of varying cultural status, as starting points to make works within drawing, print, audio and video. His practice implements a variety of slight to laborious interventions as a means to realise esoteric manipulations of the original source material. This artistic activity is an attempt to explore the position and reception of data/ information/ imagery within society. Furthermore, through exploiting the context of the specific information, it could be said the viewing experience is altered and in turn extended.

Born 1974, Exeter, England
Lives / works in London, UK

2003 – 2004 MA Fine Art, Chelsea college of Art, London, UK
1996 – 1998 BA Hons Fine Art (with 1st class honours) University of Plymouth, UK

Solo Exhibitions
2016: ‘The Archivist’ – Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris — ‘Geometra’ – Monika Bobinska/ Canal Projects, London
2013: ‘Facts + Fictions’, Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris — ‘Reporter’, Platform A, Middlesbrough, UK — ‘Fruehsorge contemporary projects’, Berlin (2-person with Corinne Laroche)
2012: ‘Correspondances’, Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris, France (2-person with Corinne Laroche) — ‘The Information Exchange’, Domobaal/Man&Eve, London, UK
2011: ‘Mass, Galerie Martina Detterer’, Frankfurt, Germany — ‘Folks’, Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris, France — ‘Staged and Screened’, 126 Gallery, Galway City, Ireland
2010: ‘Eleven Times James Brooks’, Trinity Projects, London, UK
2008: ‘Translations’, Monika Bobinska, London, UK

Group Exhibitions
2018: ‘Monocromi’, Galleria Opere Scelte, Turin, Italy — ‘Floating Urban Slime/ Sublime’ – Miyauchi Gallery, Hiroshima
2017: ‘B.A.D. Futures’ – Bath School of Art, Bath — ‘The Colour and the Shape’, Patrick Heide, London — ‘DR/OP: Beyond Boundaries’, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore — ‘Open plan’, Action Factory, Bath School of Art, Bath — ‘Drawing Biennial 2017’, The Drawing Room, London — ‘Conversions’, Narrative Projects, London — ‘Collettiva di lavori su carte e disegni’, Spazio 22, Milan, Italy
2016: ‘Ho(M)me’, Galleria Paolo Maria Deanesi, Trento, Italy — ‘Ghost of Harry Mafuji’, Monika Bobinska/ Canal, London — ‘Vielen Dank, auf Wiedersehen’, Galerie M Detterer, Frankfurt — ‘Conceptual’, Galerie Dina Renninger & Karin Wimmer, Munich — ‘DR/OP’, Komyoji-Kaikan – Hiroshima, Japan — ‘The Missing’, Jessica Carlisle Gallery, London
2015: ‘British Drawing’, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, China — ‘Artist’ Postcards’, MAC, Birmingham — ‘Data’, Rochester Art Gallery, Rochester — ‘Gravitational Documents’, Galerie L Mueller, Paris — ‘Drawing Biennial’, Drawing Room, London — ‘Drawing towards Sound’, University of Greenwich — ‘Klein Formate’, Galerie Martina Detterer, Frankfurt
2014: ‘Crosswords II’, Galerie Jordan Seydoux, Berlin — ‘Wish you were here’, Atkinson Gallery, Southport — ‘Due’, Galleria Doppelgaenger, Bari — ‘Data as Culture II’, Lighthouse, Brighton — ‘Data as Culture I’, The Open Data Institute, London
2013: ‘Fogli’, Galleria Doppelgaenger, Bari, Italy — ‘Nocturnes from the headlines of Le Monde’, Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris — ‘Summer Show’, Trinity Contemporary, London, UK — ‘DATA’, Contemporary Art Society, London, UK — ‘The Naked and The Nude’, Galerie Martina Detterer, Frankfurt, Germany — ‘Give Me Five’, Staedel Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
2012: ‘Brittle Crazie Glasse’, Islington Mill c/o Man&Eve, Salford, UK — ‘The Information Exchange’, DomoBaal, London, UK — ‘The Artists’ Postcard Show’, Spike Island, Bristol — ‘Unknown Fields’, Young Gallery, Salisbury / Trinity Contemporary, London, UK
2011: ‘Dust on the Mirror’, Gallery North, Newcastle, UK — ‘The Great Alonso’, Primo Alonso, London, UK — ‘The Wolfson Syndrome’, curated by the Modern Language Experiment, Dragon Court, London, UK — ‘In and Outside’, writing, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium — ‘Arakhne’, Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris, France — ‘State of Flux’, Trinity Contemporary, New York, USA — ‘Please Write’, Posted, London, UK
2010: ‘God is in the Details’, Primo Alonso, London, UK — ‘Show One’, AF Projects, London, UK — ‘Untitled’, Seventeen, London, UK — ’4 Artists’, Galerie Martina Detterer, Frankfurt, Germany
2009: ‘Illusion of Reality’, Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, Norway — ‘Recent Drawing’, Trinity Contemporary, New York, USA — ‘Time Is A Sausage (A Show of Shows)’, domobaal, London, UK — ‘In Between The Lines’, Trinity Contemporary, London, UK — ‘The Royal Republic’, Master Piper, London, UK (curated by James Brooks)
2008: ‘Drawing’, Madison Gallery, London, UK — ‘A Colour Box’, Arcade, London
2007: ‘Art Futures’, Bloomberg space, London, UK
2006: ‘Until It Makes Sense’, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris, France (curated by James Brooks) — ‘Drawing from Turner’, Tate Britain, London, UK — ‘Until It Makes Sense’, Seventeen, London, UK (curated by James Brooks)
2005: ‘Riflerange’, Riflemaker, London, UK

2015: ‘Contemporary British Drawing in China’, Exhibition catalogue
2014: ‘The Postcard is a public work of Art’, Exhibition catalogue — ‘Date as Culture’, Exhibition catalogue — ‘Facts & Fictions’, Exhibition catalogue
2013: ‘Correspondances’, Exhibition catalogue
2011: ‘What is an Art Book?’ The Modern Language Experiment — ‘Folks’ Exhibition catalogue — ‘The Wolfson Syndrome’, The Modern Language Experiment — ‘The Drawing Lab’, Dina4 Projekte, Munich, Germany — ‘Alumni Interview’, University of the Arts, London, UK — Postcards, Reaktion books publication, by Jeremy Cooper
2010: ‘The Illusion of Reality’, Norway Kunsthall, Exhibition booklet
2009: ‘Recent British Drawings’, Exhibition catalogue — ‘In Between the lines’, Exhibition catalogue
2008: ‘Translations’, Exhibiton booklet
2006: ‘Drawing: The Future’, The National Gallery, London, UK — ‘Fold 06’, University of Arts London press — ‘Until It Makes Sense’, Touring Exhibition catalogue

2014: British Council Travel Grant – Shanghai, China2006: Arts Council – Individual
2006: Arts Council- Individual Artist/ curatorial Funding Grant
2003: AHRB – Post graduate Scholarship
2002: British Council Travel Grant for Germany
1997: Jane Hewitt Travel Award

Drawing Biennials:
2017: Drawing room, London
2015: Drawing room, London
2013: Drawing room, London
2011: Drawing room, London
2009: Drawing room, London

Graphic Department, Staedel Museum, Frankfurt
Städel Museum Graphic Collection, Frankfurt, Germany
David Roberts Collection
University of Arts London
University of Plymouth
Collection Rolf Ricke
Thaddaeus Ropac Collection
Geraldine Gottesman Collection