Eames Demetrios

Kcymaerxthaere is the name of a universe that is parallel to our linear world but, geographically, largely consistent with our own. For example, continent Kymaerica is very similar to our linear North America, but the stories that happened there are quite different. Most of the continents are divided into what are called gwomes, which is a cognate term meaning “footprint of the nation.” These tend to be human cultures, but not necessarily.

The Kcymaerxthaere project is a story (actually a lot of stories), but what some people find to be unexpected and enriching (or just frustrating/irritating/mysterious in some cases) is some of the ways it is told. Demetrios calls it three dimensional story telling. Even though there are books … And even though there are talks and presentations as well as webcontent.…the heart of the story telling experience is physical: Demetrios installs plaques and creates historical sites honoring events from the alternative world in our linear world. He has also released the first travel guide for this world. The Kcymaerxthaere project is like writing a book and putting every page in a different city, so where you are and finding your way there (or asking a friend to send you a picture of it if you are too far away)—all enrich the story. As Geographer-at-Large, Demetrios enjoys giving talks about the worlds of Kcymaerxthaere.


Eames Demetrios is an artist, filmmaker and author. His current large-scale art project, Kymaerica, is a multi pronged and ongoing reinterpretation of the world’s landscapes and has been underway for several years. It is a work of 3-dimensional fiction whose manifestations include writings, video, performances, images, installation, limited edition prints and more. The most recent of his over 40 film and video projects include ‘Citizen Starck’; ‘Ping Pong’, capturing the design process of Frank Gehry; and ‘Carnival in Chiapa’s, about the modern Maya of southern Mexico. Demetrios has also written 3 books and given talks internationally (in 20 countries spanning 5 continents).

His work is in a number of private collections and that of University of Georgia. His film and video works have shown at numerous museums and festivals: Library of Congress, Gulbenkian (Portugal), Smithsonian Institution, MOCA (LA), LACMA (LA), Meguro Art Museum (Tokyo), Film Forum (LA), Sundance Film Festival, Cairo Film Festival, and dozens more. Grants received include the Long Beach Open Channels grant (for video art), the Peter Norton Foundation, and others.

Demetrios has worn a number of different hats since graduating from college in 1984 (Harvard, BA), including multimedia work, consulting, exhibition design, and ten years as director of the Eames Office, spearheading the successful re-discovery of the Charles and Ray Eames design heritage by a new generation. No matter which hat, he has brought out the adventurous side of his creative partners, institutions such as the Library of Congress and Portugal’s Gulbenkian Foundation, and businesses like Universal Studios and Interface, Inc (a billion dollar flooring company run on sustainable principles). Other important clients include Emeco, the Albers Foundation and the California Academy of Sciences.

His work is characterized by an omnivorous curiosity about the world and a desire to see and represent beyond our physical plane. Some of his work celebrates the world around us, while other pieces insist that we take nothing as inevitable.

He lives in southern California with his wife and two children.

You can learn more at www.eamesdemetrios.com